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Back & Neck / Spine Care

Back and neck pain is one of the most common reasons to seek medical care in the United States. 


As people age, spinal problems often develop; simple wear and tear over time depletes the shock absorbing disk between vertebrae, creating pain and difficulty in most daily activities.


Many people experience chronic neck and spine pain.  You may struggle to sit for any length of time. Driving a car can be trying.


Boulder Bone & Joint has specialists in non-operative care of spinal disorders. Minimally invasive and specialized care is customized to your problem, with procedures like epidural injections under x-ray guidance.

A Program Created For You

Because almost all back pains are unique in their onset and severity, our team of specialists is able to examine and diagnose your particular problems to tailor a corrective program.

This approach allows for the most rapid recovery. Still, if this approach is sub-optimal, we will refer you to spinal surgeons. 

Our orthopedists are specifically trained to diagnose, treat and help prevent problems involving the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons in the cervical spine. Our expertise enables us to offer the greatest number of treatment options.

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