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In 2007, after enduring almost two years of pain in my left hip, I visited Dr. Wertz to determine if I was a good candidate for a hip replacement, as my chiropractor at the time said I was ‘too young’ to be considered.  To my surprise, Dr. Wertz immediately recommended I have a full hip replacement.  Within two weeks I was scheduled for surgery at the Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville.   It was an amazing experience from start to finish..  the hospital was beautiful and the staff were amazing. The surgery was a complete success and the pain miraculously was gone!  In addition, Dr. Wertz was able to lengthen my left leg to match the length of my right leg.  I now had no more pain and no more hobbling.  I could resume my aerobic exercises and mountain hiking.  It was a miracle to me. Then in early 2013, the old familiar pain began in my right hip.  I knew it was time for a hip replacement when I started hobbling again and having to use a lift  in my right shoe, as my hip deteriorated.  There was no question in my mind about who should handle this surgery.  In November of 2013, I experienced another miracle as my right hip was replaced.  Again, immediately the pain was gone.  My recovery was swift, within two weeks I was back at work, within three weeks I was driving and within a month, I was back at the health club..  Once again I was able to walk normally, resume my exercise routine and be pain free.  I cannot say enough good things about the skill & care provided to me by Dr. Wertz and his team.  Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville provided a caring, professional environment for my initial recovery..  If you can no longer endure the joint pain and you long to regain your lifestyle, I highly recommend you consult Dr. Wertz and his team without delay.  Life is too short!

Linda Cole Centennial, CO

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