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Boulder Bone & Joint is Colorado's Leading Orthopedic Practice

Dr Gagliano started treating my bad knees about 4 years ago, beginning with steroid shots to ease the pain and culminating with partial replacements in separate surgeries over the past year on both knees, about six months apart.

He is all business in the office; his questions are direct, treatments are efficient, diagnosis and recommendations concise. Some might be put off, but I find it efficient and highly appreciated. When it came to surgery, he did a great job, and afterwards he spent time talking with my wife about both surgeries and assuring her, and following up with me during recovery.

Most important: the result is outstanding. I've recovered nearly 100% of my mobility and activity without pain. At 65, I still have a lot of activities (skiing, biking, hiking, etc.) that I wanted to do and I'm getting back to it, without pain!

His whole team has been great: Jamie, Denise, and everyone in the office. I refer everyone who mentions joint pain to me to go see Boulder Bone and Joint, and Dr Gagliano

Steve Schutt Boulder, CO

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