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I first saw Dr. Gagliano in February 2016 after a ski accident resulting in a tear of the ACL on my right knee. I was taken from the ski slopes straight to the clinic and seen by him right away. His knowledge of sports injuries was very impressive. I was sent for an MRI, diagnosis was made, and surgery scheduled. I’d never had surgery before but it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. I was issued with all of the necessary equipment for my recovery (ice machine, knee brace, etc.) and booked in for PT at the clinic. After 9 months of follow-up appointments with Dr. Gagliano and PT, I was given the all clear for sports and back on the slopes. I have not had any further issues with my knee.

So one year ago when my right shoulder dislocated (following a previous dislocation 5 years prior) I knew exactly where to go. Dr. Gagliano performed an MRI and saw some minimal damage but did not press surgery upon me at that point, so I decided to wait and see if the PT would strengthen it without surgery. However it dislocated again so he booked me in for surgery. He did not see the need for me to pay for another MRI following this last dislocation in order to save me money, because he said he’d see the damage when he went in to operate. Again, the surgery could not have gone better. After 4-1/2 months of PT at his clinic I have again been given the go-ahead for sports activities.

One of the most impressive aspects of his skills, in my personal opinion, is the minimal scarring I was left with. It barely shows on my knee and when I look for the scars on my shoulder I actually have to hunt to find them. I would recommend Dr. Gagliano to anyone needing his type of care, he’s the best!

Suzanne Hamilton Boulder, CO

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