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I am a retired supermarket manager. 40 years of working and walking 60 hours a week on terrazzo floors gave me a lot of knee problems. My primary care physician, Dr. John Ho, recommended I see orthopedic surgeon Dr Michael Wertz.   Dr Wertz evaluated my knees and recommended a Total Knee Arthroplasty surgery. The operation was performed November 06,2012 and it was a success.  I had excellent care during recovery.  I was walking without assistance by Dec 10th.  Dr. Wertz and his people made everything easy for me.
I went back for checkups at three months,six months and twelve months. At my 12 month checkup, my left was not doing well and I asked if I could have a replacement on it Dr. Wertz scheduled  the operation for Dec. first 2013. The operation was done and recovery went very well.   I had my three month checkup for the Dec. 1st today, Everything is going well and I told Dr, Wertz that he certainly made my life much better and that I appreciated it very much.

Don Swearngain Broomfield, CO

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