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I underwent a total hip replacement with Dr. Wertz as my surgeon. I am extremely pleased with the results. I had been in arthritic pain, which had slowly been progressing for years. Dr. Wertz and his team took very good care of me. I am now 5 months out and am continuing to progress well. I would highly recommend them for anyone considering joint replacement, and I thank them all for the help they have given me.

Boulder, Colorado
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Many thanks for both left and right arm surgery. Excellent work by Dr. Wertz

Donna C.
Boulder, CO
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Thank you so much Dr. Wertz! Your kind, directed, and skillful care of Mateo. Your expertise shines in the new found health and use of my sons finger. With deep gratitude for the work you do.

Boulder, CO
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Dr. Wertz did a knee replacement for me. Before the operation he explained the process in detail to which I was fully able to understand. Everything went well with the surgery and recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Wertz

Carol Isaacs
Boulder, CO
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We have been patients of Dr. Wertz since 1991. He has always been very professional, and his work ethic is outstanding. He is personable and easy to talk to. All orthopedic care was done with excellent service. We would not hesitate a moment to recommend Boulder Bone and Joint.

L. Erickson
Boulder, CO
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Dr. Wertz performed a left knee replacement using Conformis personal knee. I experienced very little surgical pain. Between Dr. Wertz and his expert staff, I am now experiencing a great quality of life.

Chuck N.
Boulder, CO
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I love my knew knee Dr. Wertz. Thank you, Thank you!

Estelle Odle
Boulder, CO
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Dr Grauer has been my orthopedist for over 10 years. I had a full and uneventful rotator cuff repair surgery. I recommend him to my patients, family, and friends.

Dr. Stephen Johs
louisville, CO
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"Thanks Dr Gagliano, for putting my hip back together and getting me back out there."

Jacob Spilberg
Long Beach, NY
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I first met Dr. Wertz in 1990 after I had seen many of the top orthopedic doctors in Boulder that had all told me that my ACL was so badly torn that it could not be repaired arthroscopically, in other words filet me open. Dr. Wertz agreed that it was badly torn but assured  me he could repair it arthroscopically.
He did and my recovery time was cut much shorter.
Since then Dr. Wertz has repaired both rotator cuffs and my ACL again (after I abused it moto-crossing without my brace)
All of my friends and family have been impressed with my speedy recovery in comparison to others in the same boat! 

Most recently, I am most impressed with the inevitable knee replacement he did for me on Feb. 18, 2014.
It has been 3 weeks since surgery and my physical therapist has already graduated me out of therapy. We have both been very impressed with the quality of Dr. Wertz's surgery skills and excellent care.

Over the years, I have referred many of my friends and family to Dr. Wertz and they have all been very impressed with the results.

Kent Hueftle
Boulder, Co
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It has been a pleasure to have Dr. Gagliano as my physician. I first went to him after a serious fall in April of this year. He was very thorough in his examination, repaired my broken wrist beautifully and has followed up with Steroid shots for pain in my broken kneecap. He treats me like a person, is kind and compassionate, shares information with me concerning my progress and is, in my opinion, the finest surgeon I have ever met. I trust him completely.

Boulder Bone and Joint has a very efficient office in Louisville. The receptionists are always friendly and the appointments are always on time.

Sarah Elliot
Boulder, CO
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I am a retired supermarket manager. 40 years of working and walking 60 hours a week on terrazzo floors gave me a lot of knee problems. My primary care physician, Dr. John Ho, recommended I see orthopedic surgeon Dr Michael Wertz.   Dr Wertz evaluated my knees and recommended a Total Knee Arthroplasty surgery. The operation was performed November 06,2012 and it was a success.  I had excellent care during recovery.  I was walking without assistance by Dec 10th.  Dr. Wertz and his people made everything easy for me.
I went back for checkups at three months,six months and twelve months. At my 12 month checkup, my left was not doing well and I asked if I could have a replacement on it Dr. Wertz scheduled  the operation for Dec. first 2013. The operation was done and recovery went very well.   I had my three month checkup for the Dec. 1st today, Everything is going well and I told Dr, Wertz that he certainly made my life much better and that I appreciated it very much.

Don Swearngain
Broomfield, CO
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I have had an AK left leg prosthesis for the past 60 years.  Therefore my remaining right knee became bone on bone from wear & tare.  I was very reluctant to let anyone cut on my only knee,  I worked with Dr, Wertz for the past 9 years to keep my R knee with shots,  He was so kind as understanding.  I was always active in sports before amputation & remained active as best I could after,  I had my 80th birthday in April and after walking several days in Washing DC I decided it was time,  I trusted Dr, Wertz and his staff completely.  I followed their instructions with a month of therapy before surgery and a month of therapy after the surgery.  The surgery went great.  A few hours after the surgery I was up and in 2 weeks was  back playing in bell choir at church.  No pain anytime.  Dr. Wertz and his staff had prepared me completely.  My father always taught me to be pushy but my success even with my limitations is because of Dr. Wertz and his staff

Kathryn Zumsteg
Louisville, CO
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"Please see that the individuals listed below are recognized for their wonderful care. I do not know their last names. I would appreciate acknowledgement and assurance that senior management was notified of their work. I am a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who commanded a 650 soldier Infantry unit. This email will show you that the message you want to convey to your patients is 'getting out' to your 'troops', accepted and executed by your professionals.

The frosting on the cake was the surgical team signed thank you note. Priceless."

Satisfied Patient
Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, CO
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In 2007, after enduring almost two years of pain in my left hip, I visited Dr. Wertz to determine if I was a good candidate for a hip replacement, as my chiropractor at the time said I was ‘too young’ to be considered.  To my surprise, Dr. Wertz immediately recommended I have a full hip replacement.  Within two weeks I was scheduled for surgery at the Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville.   It was an amazing experience from start to finish..  the hospital was beautiful and the staff were amazing. The surgery was a complete success and the pain miraculously was gone!  In addition, Dr. Wertz was able to lengthen my left leg to match the length of my right leg.  I now had no more pain and no more hobbling.  I could resume my aerobic exercises and mountain hiking.  It was a miracle to me. Then in early 2013, the old familiar pain began in my right hip.  I knew it was time for a hip replacement when I started hobbling again and having to use a lift  in my right shoe, as my hip deteriorated.  There was no question in my mind about who should handle this surgery.  In November of 2013, I experienced another miracle as my right hip was replaced.  Again, immediately the pain was gone.  My recovery was swift, within two weeks I was back at work, within three weeks I was driving and within a month, I was back at the health club..  Once again I was able to walk normally, resume my exercise routine and be pain free.  I cannot say enough good things about the skill & care provided to me by Dr. Wertz and his team.  Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville provided a caring, professional environment for my initial recovery..  If you can no longer endure the joint pain and you long to regain your lifestyle, I highly recommend you consult Dr. Wertz and his team without delay.  Life is too short!

Linda Cole
Centennial, CO
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"Dr. Wertz did such an amazing job on my knee. I couldn't walk and then I received the operation and now I am running!"

John Smith
Broomfield, CO
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As you know I am a huge supporter of Conformis and Dr. Michael Wertz. My experience may not be exemplary of everyone getting a total knee, but I consider my knee function a revelation and a milestone of what modern medicine can do with the right products and surgeons. I've had numerous surgeries in my career, mostly to repair injuries to my body from athletic activities, collisions or accidents. I have a good sense of what it takes to rehabilitate body parts so that I can perform again at a high level even after serious surgeries. Compared to the other surgeries; I am amazed at the complete functionality of my knee Conformis knee, and it's only getting better.

Even at 67 years, I am able to ride a bike 2 hours climbing long high altitude Colorado mountain passes, skiing 100 days this season, my first season after surgery, and I am still rock climbing at a high level. I could not do this the year before my Comfomis knee replacement. With that being said, I have already advised two of my professional skier friends who are getting knee replacements. As per my results they have chosen Confomis knees.

Harold Harb
Dumont, CO
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I would like to thank Dr. Grauer and my physical therapist Gui, for helping me get back to what I enjoy doing most, dancing. I went to my first ever dance convention, and was having a lot of fun. Halfway through the first day I slipped and fell and broke my arm. I broke my ulna, and my radius, causing a compound fracture. Dr. Grauer was called in very late at night and fixed my arm. I went weekly to Gui for help to strengthen my arm. I never stopped dancing even with my broken arm. When I received the OK from Dr. Grauer that I could put weight on my arm, I was so happy. I don’t have a worry now when I dance, because I know the Boulder Bone and Joint doctors, nurses and physical therapist all took great care of me.  I am Sooooo happy.

Skylar H.
Boulder, CO
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